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WMC19 - Keynote Session 1 - George Ghinea


Prof. George Ghinea
Brunel University


Title: Mulsemedia in 360 VR


Abstract: Previous research has shown that adding multisensory media---mulsemedia---to traditional audiovisual content has a positive effect on user Quality of Experience (QoE). However, the QoE impact of employing mulsemedia in 360 videos has remained unexplored. Accordingly, in this talk, Prof. Ghinea is going to present results of a recently concluded QoE study for watching 360 videos---with and without multisensory effects---in a full free-viewpoint Virtual Reality.


Short Bio: Dr. Gheorghita (George) Ghinea is a Professor in Mulsemedia Computing in the Department of Computer Science, at Brunel University. Dr. Ghinea's research activities lie at the confluence of Computer Science, Media and Psychology. In particular, his work focuses on the area of perceptual multimedia quality and how one builds end-to-end communication systems incorporating user perceptual requirements. To this end, recognising the infotainment duality of multimedia, Dr. Ghinea proposed the Quality of Perception metric as a more complete characterisation of the human side of the multimedia perceptual experience. Dr. Ghinea has applied his expertise in areas such as eye-tracking,telemedicine, multi-modal interaction, and ubiquitous and mobile computing, leading a team of 8 researchers in these areas. He has over 300 publications in his research field and is the lead Brunel investigator of a H2020 project NEWTON ( applying mulsemedia to STEM learning across Europe.




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